Offer for companies

If you register for free for our Learning Management System (LMS) your company will get a significant discount on courses from our catalogue. On top of that, you can very simply assign all courses to your employees and follow their progress. Our LMS also enables you to easily create and manage your own online courses and have your educational portal in your company identity and also with your own domain.


How does it work in practice?

The company employee responsible for education (further referred to as the administrator), registers the company for free. After registration, the administrator receives a link to a newly created LMS for their company, the appearance of the LMS can easily be changed by the administrator. The next step is the mass registration of future users by uploading the Excel file that was created according to the template. After that, there are three possibilities:

Buy courses from our (catalogue)

The administrator chooses and buys fully prepared courses from our catalogue with a discount (e.g. health and safety training for work, specialist courses etc..). These courses become part of your new LMS. 

Upload your own online course (pricing)

As soon as you have your e-learning courses ready, or your company presentations or videos, you can simply upload it onto your new LMS. To develop and administer courses is very easy and intuitive.

You can let us develop courses for you (contact us)

We are able to develop courses and make them look professional either completely by ourselves or by using some guidelines from your company. Thanks to a wide network of top specialists and our technical background, we are capable of developing courses for you on almost any topic

These custom-made courses, or courses bought on-line, can be assigned for administration to certain employees, partners or clients, who may be anywhere in the world. Your chosen user receives an email containing a link to the course, which appears in your company LMS, by which they can then undertake the course. The administrator has, as well as the basic set-up, the option to view various statistics, including information about users completing their courses and finding out their results.